Tie Dye Patchwork Trousers

Tie Dye Patchwork Trousers

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Tie Dye Patchwork Trousers

Tie-Dye-Patchwork-TrousersThere is two things we love at The Festival Clothing Company, one is tie dye clothing and the other is patchwork. When you bring them both together you get these fantastic Tie Dye Patchwork Trousers.

If anybody had said to us a few years ago ‘we think patchwork and tie dye go together, sort it out and get some clothes made.’ I think I might have disagreed with them, however when we saw the sample for these funky trousers we couldn’t argue anymore as the combination works well.

How are these bad boys created?

When it comes to ideas we have to had it to our producers as they don’t just sit around twiddling thumbs. When they have an idea they run with it. Using the striped cotton material from our popular cargo trousers, a patchwork material is created. Using tie dye techniques the producers dip the material in various dyes. This creates the fantastic tie dye effect you can see on the finished garments. To complete these trousers (the icing on the cake) they use stamps that are dipped in ink and hand pressed on the material. And there you have it, Tie Dye Patchwork Trousers. With each and every pair being completely unique and really for you to hit the festival scene.

Who can wear these?

Anybody and everybody can wear these funky looking slacks. The reason is that these trousers come with an elasticated waist band with draw string and are designed to fit men and women alike. With several sizes to choose from and every pair different you are going to look amazing at your next festival gathering, rave or party.